Morgan Bukovec's work is rooted in community, connection, and storytelling. 


In her practice, Morgan knows when a collage is complete when she sees a story unraveling before her eyes and there is an immediate sense of connection between materials. Each of the materials she uses are found, have an ephemeral quality, and hold a story of their own. Morgan's work is important to share because it connects to the human experience. Her works are filled with opportunities for viewers to look close at the materials used, examine the story that was delicately created, then reflect on one’s own memory, story, and moments of connection. 


Morgan Bukovec is a mixed media maker, educator, storyteller and collector of things from Cleveland, Ohio. Having recently received a bachelor's degree in Fine Art and Art Education from the University of Dayton, her studio practice is interdisciplinary with a focus on the themes: identity, storytelling, fleeting moments and objects across time. Recent group exhibitions include: /DIFFERENT STROKES/, Female Artist Club, Waterloo Arts Juried Exhibition, and Domestic Lands in Cleveland , Ohio, which is expected to open Spring of 2021. Morgan works at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland as a Thoma Engagement Guide Apprentice and part-time educator, while creating narrative-based art work in her home studio. Morgan finds joy in storytelling, learning, and collecting ephemeral things.



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